Why are men’s shirt buttons put right side and women on the left?

Have you ever predicted the secret of having buttons in women’s clothes on the left side, while supplying men’s shirt buttons on their right side? It may seem to some that it began by chance, but we will discover together that the past has historical dimensions, which we now make clear to you.

Rich Women
While some say that the secret is due to the abilities of most women to work with the left hand more efficiently, it turns out that the truth is very different from that, and even old since the Victorian era in Britain, when women were of high social levels and upper classes, do not wear clothes alone, but With the help of maids.

From here the buttons are supposed to be placed in the clothes to match the hands of the maids in the opposite direction, so the buttons of the women’s clothes on the left side to facilitate them, different from the way the buttons are placed in the clothes of men, who have always worn their clothes themselves, at different levels of social, Especially with men’s clothing always containing less complex details, than those available in girls ‘ clothes.

Men’s Swords
Unlike women, caution was exercised about the location of the buttons in men’s clothes, in anticipation of any emergency that occurred in times of war and battles, during which swords were relied upon as a weapon of self-defence.

Bearing in mind the need for the combatant to prepare for any attack, and his constant willingness to grasp his sword with his right hand, it was concluded that the presence of the buttons on the right side of the men’s clothing would be the most appropriate, until the opposite hand is made more easily and smoothly, and without distracting the right hand with those simple acts .

Napoleon Knot and baby feeding

It is said that at the time when Napoleon Bonaparte, the ruler of France and the sole emperor of the country, had ordered the men’s clothing industry to match his famous way of showing the pictures, and to insert his right hand on the left side of his shirt, which was devoid of buttons.

Napoleon’s desire for women’s clothing to be a violation is also noted, so that it is difficult for a woman to emulate his famous way of images, which the country’s historic ruler seems to have succeeded.

The last reason, revealed in relation to the placement of women’s clothing buttons on the left, indicates that mothers always preferred to carry children in the left hand, so they needed to use the right hand to open their dress buttons to breastfeed the babies, which has pushed the garment makers since then to put the buttons on the opposite side to facilitate them.

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