Why do we fail to lose belly fat?

Millions of people struggle with obesity around the world, where they feel the pain of fat gathering in certain areas, but the abdominal area comes to be the most troublesome among them, as some fail to lose it on the background of some of the fundamental reasons we are now reviewing.

Improper exercise
Many believe that relying on the famous abdominal exercises only, known as crunches, will be enough to reduce fat from that area. This is a misconception. It requires extensive exercise that reduces weight throughout the body and begins to adjust the shape of the abdomen.

Irregular sleep
A recent study, involving about 70,000 women, showed that sleep for periods of only 4 or 5 hours a day meant increased risk of obesity, abdominal and other areas.

The human body undergoes several transformations as it ages. Among these transformations is the slow metabolism, with increased chances of gaining extra weight, especially in the abdomen, which is more apparent in women as they reach menopause, during which estrogen levels decrease in their bodies.

Processed foods
Eating white bread, chips and sweetened and gaseous beverages is completely against the idea of ​​weight loss. This type of processed food and drinks increases the inflammation of the body in general and in the abdominal area in particular, so it is always recommended to rely on natural foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Wrong fat
It is not required that people refrain from eating fat as a whole, as it becomes harmful for them. In contrast to the expected, it is intended to avoid saturated fats, which are available in most dairy products and meat, and which have inflammatory properties, so it is best to try to gain fat Available with olive oil, avocado, fatty fish as well as walnuts.

Is there anyone who does not know the seriousness of the tension on the human, and the obvious connection between those negative emotions and weight gain? When people feel anxious to eat higher calorie foods, tension increases the body’s secretion of cortisone, which helps to increase abdominal fat.
In the end, they are essential causes of obesity and the difficulty of reducing belly fat, but control is not impossible, but can be achieved, then only human will get the form that he wants.

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