Why do we have nightmares?

The nightmares affect us all, and we also enjoy dreams during our sleep for a variety of reasons. The mind, which works all day long and gathers ideas from here and there, continues to work somewhat during sleep, translating these collected thoughts throughout the day, Happy dreams, or nightmares annoying.

Dreams and nightmares
The passage of dreams and nightmares during sleep, a clear expression of what goes on in our minds, occurs during the most intense periods of sleep, which is called the period of “rapid eye movement”, which sees the vision of the pent-up desires to succeed in life, in the form of dreams, or watching disturbing and disturbing things Leading to panic in a state of terror, called nightmares.

Why do we have nightmares?
While nightmares and the reason for their emergence are still controversial among many specialists, nightmares come to be more obvious. Nightmares are always associated with known negative emotions, such as anxiety, stress and depression. This is done with the help of the amygdala or brain, , Control the emotions completely, and cause the emergence of any scenes can be imagined during sleep, which are most often nightmares very disturbing.

So if you go to sleep and you are worried about what you will see next morning, it is very possible to play the nightmare on that area, to imagine that you are late for your exam, or you have lost the only pen available to solve questions or even to photograph you in the desert and do not know The way to go for the exam.

Nightmares of the past
The nightmares are also linked to traumatic events that may be very old, but also impressive without realizing it. The brain is like a wonderful device, which can search through past memories. We may have forgotten it from the ground, which sometimes explains nightmares, reminiscent of negative feelings or feelings we did not feel. Since childhood.

Consult doctors
Often, consultation with doctors to reduce nightmares is not normal, but sometimes it is advisable to do so when many nightmares or discomfort cause severe insomnia, fear or depression for a period of time.

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