Why is science advised to rely on Rosemary for our health?

Rosemary, dairy grit, rosemary, are all names of green herb following the mint family, and its origins belong to the Mediterranean region, where science has proven its diverse health benefits, which we are now exposing some to benefit.

Cancer prevention
A research study published in the newspaper Oncology Reports confirmed that the raw extract of rosemary, significantly slows the spread of cancer cells in the breast and blood, which is supported by the anti-tumor and inflammatory properties, available in this cancer-resistant herb.

Hair loss Resistance
Rosemary was associated with hair growth in many cultures around the world, confirmed by the famous medical website, WebMD, when he explained that placing a mixture of rosemary oil, thyme, cedar wood and lavender oil on the scalp, increases the chances of hair growth.

Improve digestion
The use of Rosemary as a therapist for digestive problems is widespread in a number of European countries, where the Scientific Council of Germany “Commission E” has previously allowed the use of rosemary as a therapeutic method of indigestion, taking into account the lack of conclusive scientific evidence.

Treatment of muscle aches
The WebMD medical site indicated that the use of both rosemary and oleic acid with the hip leaf helps in the treatment of muscle pain associated with arthritis, supported by the research of the German Council “Commission E”, which emphasized the role of Rosemary in the treatment of muscle pain caused by inflammation, and also to improve blood circulation in the body.

Protection from macular degeneration
A study of the Sanford Burnham Research Institute, in the United States of America, revealed the importance of carboxic acid, available in rosemary, in the prevention of eye disease, which comes mainly from macular degeneration, the most prevalent eye disease in America.

Stress control
The study of the Japanese University of Mikai confirms that only 5 minutes of exposure to special sessions of rosemary and lavender oil means reducing the rates of cortisol, known as stress hormone, in a few proportions, which means controlling the feelings of anxiety and protection from the psychiatric diseases associated with it.

Ensure Skin health
There are numerous anti-aging properties, available in Rosemary, where the use of rosemary leaves on the skin in a topical manner improves the appearance of the skin and increases its luster.

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