Winamp music player will return with an integrated audio platform in 2019

Winamp is a music player that has long been used to play MP3 media in the past decades.

It has millions of fans and users around the world, but the music services of other companies have affected it. AOL could not keep pace with the progress of other music players and services like iTunes. For Winamp to 2013.

The company said it will launch Winamp, which will act as an audio application that will bring music and live broadcast services in one place. At the same time, its desktop version will receive official updates in conjunction with the launch of its new application.

“The next version of the player will be completely new, and it will be a more complete listening experience. It will also allow the user to listen to MP3 music files that may be present at home, through the cloud or live broadcast,” said Radionomy CEO Alexander Spondian, the company that acquired Winamp. As well as music lists that the user may build himself.

After many rumors about Winamp’s work on a new update, the latest one last month, it seems clearer and more rumored, we are now waiting for a new version of the desktop and a phone application from the operator with a long history.

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