Worst delay in its history.. Hong Kong check the subway crash for six hours.

The British newspaper “guardian ” said that Hong Kong was investigating the worst delays in its flights in the history of its public transport system after a six-hour interruption caused the disruption of thousands of passengers on Tuesday.

Metro train manager Jacob Cam Chuck-Boi described the incident as unprecedented, with experts from abroad being brought in to participate in the investigation, which is supposed to take about two months.

“Cam ” told reporters, according to the newspaper “South China Morning Post “,  “We have never encountered an unusual situation like this, since the beginning of work in the late 1990s until the design and maintenance manual does not refer to such a scenario.”

The city’s railway company said it had to run three main lines, along with a fourth line, manually. Instead of running every two to three minutes, trains operated at intervals of 12 to 15 minutes, according to the mid-term review. Regular service to the Metro system resumed in the middle of the day.

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