You will be able to change your PlayStation account Id name soon

After years of recent demands, Sony has officially announced that it will allow the account ID to be changed on Playstation network for PS4 4 owners beginning next year 2019, where the company is now testing the feature of some users in the trial version.

According to Sony’s official announcement, the change of name for the first time will be free but to reduce abuse, the change will cost $ 10 each time for ordinary users and $ 5 if you are a participant in PlayStation Plus.

Sony says you can put your old ID next to your new ID so your friends can find you temporarily with the warning that you can not go back to the old name after the change is made.

Sony also confirmed that this feature will support many of the famous games on the PS4 but there will be a list of all these games to come back to them before deciding to change.

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