YouTube Fights deception by launching a new feature

YouTube Launches a new feature designed to alert users to content that contains false news.

According to reports, the world-class video platform will not delete clips that display erroneous information.

If the user searches for information or views a section that contains the wrong information, the search results will show the phrase “alert Trick “or” fake “.
The report, for example, said that in the case of a search for something specific to the crisis in India and Pakistan, a video clip in Syria is presented as an event between the forces of the two countries, here comes the role on the site to alert the inaccuracy of the content.

A limited number of users in India have now been able to benefit from the service, but the site has not set a date for the diffusion of the advantage to the country and the rest of the world.

India is one of the largest users of YouTube ‘s, with 250 million users of the video platform.

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