youtube Star arrested in live broadcast for insulting Chinese national anthem

Security authorities detained a famous Chinese personality on the Internet for 5 days after singing the national anthem china in a humiliating manner, the Daily Mail reported.

Yang Kaili, 20, “insulted the dignity of the national anthem” during a live broadcast, local police said in a statement.

Yang appeared in a live broadcast from her home on October 7, during which the national anthem sang to more than a million followers in a way that could be described as “sarcastic,” which some saw as an insult.

Yang is known on social websites as “Lai Ji”, is available to more than one million followers on the site, “Webbo,” famous in China.

Many of the site’s users drew harsh criticism at the girl, while others informed the police.

“During Yang’s direct broadcast in her apartment, she violated China’s national anthem law and was detained for five days,” police said.

“The national anthem is a symbol of the country, all citizens and organizations must respect it and protect its dignity.”

Under the law, those who mock or insult the national anthem may be detained for up to 15 days.

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