1 TB MicroSD memory cards will be available for Consumers soon

Many of the technical things related to smartphones and other nearby devices show us annually in the World Congress of telephones in Barcelona, but some of the things that we see traditionally appear suddenly to offer a different addition to provide more choices to consumers, this time it was about putting up cards Micro MicroSD memory with 1 TB capacity for purchase.

The company Micron and its Western digital counterpart, the famous brand SanDisk, has announced uhs-i MICROSDXC storage cards that provide a capacity of 1 TB for users, and thus offer a lot for photographers, for example.

Western Digital says its new SanDisk Extreme memory card is the fastest at all with a 160 MB/sec playback speed, while the C200 card is available from its counterpart Micron 100 Mbps, but is 5 Mbps faster when typing Data.

The SanDisk Extreme card will be available in April at the price of $449.99 and will be 512 GB at the price of $199.99, i.e. the price of two 512 cards will be less than the 1TB single card price. As for the C200 card from Micron, the company has not announced any information about its price but will be available for purchase in the second half of the year.

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