10 Information about the new Amaala project in Saudi Arabia on the red sea

  • Amaala project
  • Amaala project

The Sovereign Public Investment Fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the launch of a new tourist city on the Red Sea coast under the name of Amaala, a new city with an elegant and unique character.

The following are the top 10 information about the new Amaala project:

– The project will be located on the northwestern coast of Saudi Arabia.

– Amaala will provide the first integrated community center on recovery, health, treatment and sports in the world.

– An academy and golf clubs will be established, adopting the concept of environmentally friendly vehicles.

– The project includes an art center consisting of 4 main design elements: contemporary art, a complex of artists based on the lifestyle of the Riviera, fascinating artistic moments, and the art of the earth to improve the landscape.

– Amaala will include the world’s best dive areas.

– Establish a wonderful destination for yachts, besides contributing to the extension of yacht season by providing a suitable atmosphere for it.

– The Amaala project will be developed at three sites within the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nature Reserve on the North West Coast.

– The project area will exceed 3800 square kilometers, with multiple access options and a dedicated airport.

– As the investment fund announced there will be a wide range of luxury accommodation options.

– In total, there will be 2500 hotel rooms and suites, 700 residential villas and more than 200 retail stores.

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