10 photos summarizing the history of photography

Photography has been a means of limitless potential since it was invented in the early 19th century, on which the history of photography was built, we allowed the use of cameras to capture historical moments and reshape the way we see ourselves and the world around us, and to celebrate the amazing history For photography and photographic science, we will show you the first 10 photos from the date of filming.

First pictures in the history of photography

The first picture

The first photograph in the world was made in a camera taken in 1826 by Joseph Nic Four Nines, where the photograph was taken from the windows of Obici at the Nebis Manor in the Burgundy region of France, and this photograph was taken through a process known as heliography, which uses Jewish bitumen coated on a piece of Glass or metal, as the bitumen is solid in proportion to the amount of light that harms it.

First color picture

The first color photograph of the mathematical physicist James Clark Maxwell, where the picture above is the first color and permanent picture taken by Maxwell in a lecture in 1861, was the inventor of “SLR”, “Thomas Sutton”, the man who pressed the shutter button, but thanks to Maxwell in the process that made it possible, For those who are having trouble fixing the image, it is the three-color arc.

First photograph of the launch of Cape Canaveral

NASA photographers picked up the first photograph of Cape Canaveral’s launch in July 1950, and the rocket, called “Bumber 2 ″, was a two-stage missile with a V-2-based missile and a” WAC corporal “missile, and the footage clearly shows other photographers who are determined and ready to get On their own photographs of the event.

First Digital Image

The first digital photograph in the history of photography in 1957, almost 20 years before the invention of the Kodak architect, took the first digital camera, the image is a digital scan of a piece captured in the film, depicting the picture of the son of Russell Kirsch and has dimensions of “176 × 176”.

First self-portrait

Before the “selfie” is common, Robert Cornelius created a camera and took the first self-portrait in the world in the background of a commercial activity on Chestnut Street in Center City, Philadelphia, where Cornelius sat in front of the lens for more than a minute, before leaving the seat and covering the lens, as the distinctive picture was taken now More than 170 years ago in 1839.

First trick picture

The first booby-traps were taken in 1840 by Hippolyte Bayard , a rival of Bayard and Luis Dager in demanding the title “father of filming”, where Bayard was supposed to have developed his filming before Dager presented the Dagertype model, however, the invention was announced, and Dager declared this The moment, in a rebel movement, Bayard produced this photograph of a drowning man claiming to have killed himself because of hostility.

First aerial photograph

The first aerial photograph not taken by a drone, but instead captured by a hot air balloon in 1860, this aerial photograph depicts the Boston town of 2000 feet, the photographer James Wallace Black holds the title of his work “Boston, Eagle and Wild crow”.

First picture of the sun

The first picture of our sun was taken by the French physicists Luis Vizu and Leon Fook and on April 2, 1845, where the photograph was taken using the Dagertype process “do not tell Bayard” and resulted after 1/60 of a second, if you notice the image carefully, you can select many solar spots.

First satellite image

The first photograph of the space was taken by the rocket “V-2 # 13 ″, which was launched in October, 24 of 1946, showing the image of the Earth in black and white from a height of 65 miles, where the photo camera was a 35 mm motion picture camera and took a frame every second and a half with the rise of the missile BA to the atmosphere.

First presidential portrait

John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States of America, was the first president to be photographed, where “Daguerreotype” was shot in 1843, several years after Adams left office in 1829, and the first to photograph him in the office was “James Polk”, the eleventh President, who was Seen in 1849.

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