20th Century Fox uses artificial intelligence to know the audience’s desires

Transforming and embodying a particular story in a film that achieves success is one of the first Objectives in the film industry, but a major reason for its existence, it seeks to achieve profit in any way by translating written scenarios for events depicted in characters beloved to the viewer, but remains to know how public attraction to the character of certain content of films is important in the film industry process.

For this purpose, 20th Century Fox analyzed the data of its promotional films (promo videos) using an artificial intelligence system called “Merlin” for the purpose of reaching the audience’s sights and identifying the stories and events in the films, and the company collaborated with Google to complete this command and use servers and TensorFlow system for open source artificial intelligence.

According to researchers from the company, they are using the tools of artificial intelligence to analyze the promotional content of the films, by checking the footage in the film’s promotion and separating it with the principle of the sequential frame, and then tagging certain components and events in those frames that are compared with Footage of promotions for other films, as the result is that films that have similar markings in the midst of the comparison process will target and attract a similar segment of the audience.

This method is important because of the importance of reaching the different teams that make up the audience as a whole, the allocation serves the first interest of the studios and producers that target specific segments according to the story of the film with a comprehensive study of the degree of turnout and the rate of profit; in other words if The story is worth investing or not.

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