21-year-old traveler visited all the countries of the world applying for Guinness Book

A 21-year-old American girl claims that she is now the youngest person to visit all the countries of the world, according to Forbes and Fox News.

The completion was completed on May 31, May, when it was placed in North Korea, the 196 sovereign State on its list, according to the news site report.

Ford aims to break the current record in the Guinness Encyclopedia of James Asquith, who was 24 years old when he finished visiting all the countries of the world in 2013.

Ilford also documented its trips on social networks and collected 73, 000 followers on “Instagram “.

Ilford carried a portrait of her in North Korea, saying, “I officially traveled to every country in the world “, “It’s madness to have years of hard work at one moment, I am very grateful to everyone who helped me get here. The great chapter of my life is over. And to start a new beginning. “

In one of her publications, Ilford explained that she had obtained the approval from Guinness that visiting the Korean Demilitarized zone, which is located on the north-South Korean border, could be considered a visit to North Korea.

In order to enter the Guinness Book of Records, Ford collected nearly 10,000 evidence of its flights in chronological order.

Alford is now writing a book about her travels and adventures.

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