A new list of the safest countries for tourists

A report issued by the British Consumer Association announced a list of the safest countries as tourist destinations, and the report was issued on the basis of a study that considered crime rates as well as the risks of natural disasters and health conditions in the country, and the likelihood of a terrorist attack.

The statistics were analyzed by the World Economic Fund for crime rates, the global Risk report for natural disasters.

Iceland reached high above the list of the safest countries in terms of crime rates, the United Arab Emirates in second place, and the following are the full lists of the safest countries in terms of low crime rates and in terms of reduced vulnerability to natural disasters.

The safest countries in terms of low crime list

1. Iceland

2. United Arab Emirates

3. Singapore

4. Spain

5. Australia

6. Canada

7. Japan

8. Morocco

9. Jordan

10. Rabados

11. Greece

12. Vietnam

13. France

14. Italy

15. United States of America

16. Mexico

17. India

18. Thailand

19. Turkey

20. South Africa


List of the Safer countries in terms of lack of natural disasters

1. Barbados

2. Iceland

3. United Arab Emirates

4. Singapore

5. France

6. Canada

7. Spain

8. United States of America

9. Australia

10. Italy

11. Jordan

12. Turkey

13. South Africa

14. Mexico

15. Thailand

16. Morocco

17. India

18. Greece

19. Vietnam

20. Japan

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