3 Tips for Successful Learning new Language

Regardless of why you learn another language – whether for work, study or traveling abroad – there are three common habits that language learners share. The analysis of millions of users on the Duolingo website shows what it really takes to learn another language.

Learning another language is not like losing weight

The report says: Some language learning sites claim that you can learn another language in a matter of weeks, even during one night! But science and experience say it takes time. What do you need to succeed in this difficult way?

Perhaps we will bring the picture closer to you if we compare learning another language to lose weight and gain physical fitness. Can you lose 50 pounds overnight? of course not. But it seems more logical if we set the period in months.

You need to study and review regularly until you learn another language in the long term, just as you need to train continuously to keep you fit. You should identify the best learning habits that will help you learn in the long term.

The Duolingo language learning platform has more than 150 million users, and the report says huge data has been collected on learning methods and methods. Here are the top 3 habits to ensure success in learning another language.

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