3 Tips for Successful Learning new Language

2. Do not exaggerate in the study

The second habit of successful learners is not to waste money. They distribute the study to a number of short sessions per day. Figure 4 shows the relative standard deviation for the number of daily sessions. As shown, this deviation is low among successful learners, which means that they take a number of lessons and training sessions every day. The higher the percentage of deviation – the report confirms – this means that the user enters the site every short period to take a quick glance, and those most likely give up in the end.

Psychological studies have shown that cramming a large amount of information in a short duration reduces the learning efficiency, as opposed to the distribution approach. This applies to all kinds of skills, from learning a language to dancing, playing video games and even flying by plane. In order to master a language – the authors add – it is better to study a steady amount as regularly as possible, this will force you to commit and learn more as well.


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