“Coca-Cola ” introduces its first new flavor more than 10 years ago

The American soda water Company, “Coca-Cola “, announced its first new flavors, more than a decade ago.

The “Coca-Cola ” Flavour of “vanilla oranges” and “vanilla orange without Sugar” will be presented in the U.S. market, starting from February 25, February, according to the British Daily Mail.

The company said that it decided to offer more new flavors, having noticed that its previous flavors, such as that of cherry and vanilla, has received increasing popularity of the public, over the years, since they were introduced in 1985 and 2007, without needing to make more marketing efforts to increase their sales .

But when I tested the American “Today ” program, Friday, the taste of Coca-Cola “Orange vanilla “, their reactions were not good at all.

The announcers did not know the flavor of the new beverage, and when they tasted it, they expressed their abhorrence and wondered if it tasted strawberries or grapes.

“Coca-Cola” has been trying to start the marketing campaign for its new flavor “Vanilla oranges “, in the next March March, coinciding with the United States basketball Tournament.

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