5 of The most dangerous insects in the World (video)

Millions of insect species, which vary between harmful and harmless, live on the planet, and humans tend to ignore them, except in cases where they approach it.

A number of dangerous insects are spread that can cause their bites and stings to die, a list of the 5 most dangerous types of insects:

Tsetse Fly

Like all kinds of flies, it absorbs blood, using a hacksaw-like chainsaw that cuts human skin up into blood.

This type of mosquito causes sleep sickness, in addition to its ability to transmit diseases.

Bullet Ant

The world’s largest ant species is characterized by its poisonous and potent bite at a time that can be more than 2.5 centimeters long and has reddish brown hair.

The “bullet” is called the severe pain caused by its painful, poison-filled, and its effect is 12 to 24 hours.

Giant Amazon Centipede

This type of insect is one of the largest types of Harish and is 35 centimeters long, and is largely found in South America and the Caribbean region.

It has the advantage of being aggressive and using its legs to cling to its prey.

African Bees

This type of bee has the advantage of attacking its prey collectively, and this creepy bee hunts people up to 0.4 km if it is human hostility.

This explains the deaths of several hundred people over the past 50 years.

Driver Ant

This type of ants builds its colonies with as many as 22 million ants, to intercept any insect that stands on its way, so it can continue to move without feeling hungry.

This species of ants lives in Africa and prefers to live in the forests.

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