5 reasons for Acne appearance after the age of 30

Acne usually appears in adolescence where hormonal changes occur. But even at an advanced age it bothers the appearance of acne both men and women.

What are the causes of acne after the age of 30?

Hormones-after reaching the age of 30, usually get disorders of the hormonal balance and primarily the nationality of them. According to doctors, this is a vital problem at this age that is no less important than in adolescence. Acne usually appears in a V-shaped area of the chin and into the cheeks. After its demise, it may leave deep scars. The main reason for its appearance is the change in the level of hormones.

Dietary habits-if the diet is rich in fats and sugars, the appearance of acne is inevitable. The cause may be hereditary, where it can be observed in adolescence-if a rash appears after excessive chocolate, when the 30-year-old shows up again. So take care of what we always eat.

This means you should reduce the fast food, sweets, pastries, fatty and fried foods. It turns out that eating milk after the age of 30 causes acne to appear in some people.

The effect of the sun-continuous skin exposure to sunlight helps the appearance of acne after the age of 30. Although there is a view that the sun is helping to disappear, it is in fact a more aggravated situation.

Mental stress-This is one of the causes of acne after the age of 30. Because stress directly affects the level of hormones, this brings us back to the first reason. Doctors are advised to avoid stress situations as much as possible to prevent acne again.

Side effects-external factors affect the condition of the skin including the appearance of pimples. Usually these blisters (fatty) and rashes can appear in a given area due to the use of improper cream or oil

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