6 characters have been deleted from English .. Do you know it?

The history of English dates back to the 8th century AD and has undergone many changes since then. The site has published a report in which the story of the English language from a different angle, the site says that there are six characters were written off the English language.

Along the streets of exotic New England, one can pass on shops with signs such as Ye Olde Tavern or Ye Old Soda Shoppe. But before you start learning the British Accent, there is a historical background that you should first look at.

Ye Olde ( “The Old” in contrast to the modern English) is a marketing trick from the late 19th century that was designed to give the shopper a sense of a return to the Middle Ages. Ye has a complex history in English.

The English language has always been lively – says the report – as it has changed and evolved with use. However, before the current alphabetical order was adopted, many of the current 26 characters were excluded. Here are the last six of them.

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