6 reasons for pain on the right side of the chest

Most people link chest pains to heart disease, as they think that the acute pain that strikes the right side of the chest reveals heart attacks, although they actually alert different and very important health problems, so we now explain them.

Anxiety and panic attacks
Suffering from chest pains, especially the right side, is one of the most striking symptoms of a panic attack, which leads to muscle tension as the body is under the control of adrenaline, often causing the muscles of the right side of the chest to be exposed to these annoying pains.

Muscular tension
Muscle tension turns into annoying pain next to the right chest, when you go to gyms to carry heavy weights, especially when you are a “non-lefty” person, increasing the chances of getting those pains that require therapeutic medications to relieve pain on the one hand, and get some rest On the other hand.

Gastroesophageal reflux
A burning sensation in the chest is one of the most signs of suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, as these burning sensations associated with the pain of the right chest side are like serious heart crises, although this crisis only requires the treatment of acidity medications and treatments, with Avoid eating the food that stimulates the disease.

Cartilage inflammation
Doctors refer to inflammation of the meniscus, (which affects the cartilage of the rib cage), as a cause of the pain of an annoying waistcoat, often suffered by the right side, but they lead-sometimes to the damage of all chest areas without exception.

Inflammation of the gallbladder
The bile extract is sometimes accumulated in the gallbladder, because of disturbing things such as tumors and gallstones, which leads to the suffering of inflammation, to be shown in the form of thoracic pains, knowing that this sign often comes in conjunction with other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anorexia, fever and severe sweating.

Pancreatic damage
The patient is infected with pancreatitis – sometimes due to gallstones, and often drinking alcohol – with several health problems, the most famous being the pain of the right side of the chest.

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