7 effective steps to learn a new language

A number of scientific studies have proposed ways to learn a new language. These include the use of gestures in learning, the threat of self-punishment, and learning before and during sleep, which increase the credibility and effectiveness of scientific studies that support them.

1. Learn to listen and talk by focusing on the study of “content”

The ways and means of learning a new language vary, and among these methods, a method of learning to study content and subjects in the language to be learned, and others based on the study of language in and of itself.

In this regard, the University of Cambridge conducted a scientific study between the two methods: the first method based on the study of content, and the second method based on the study of the language and its rules traditionally, and the study was conducted on two groups of students who learn French.

The study, which focused on learning French on “content”, performed better than the second group, which focused on “language” and grammar, in the skills of “listening” and “talking,” and they were more motivated to learn.

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