7 phenomena that defy science and remain unexplained

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From time to time we are surprised by strange phenomena, breathtaking and without any clear explanation, which makes it more attractive.

This is then a set of phenomena that have found an explanation for some of them, while scientists are still looking for an explanation for others.

Infinite Katatumbo lightning
Is a unique phenomenon, occurring at the mouth of the Katatumbo River, in the state of Venezuela, the continent of South America. It is a lightning that lasts for up to 160 nights throughout the year to form an arc of 5 kilometers in length. Ships on traffic depending on them. It is also the most important catacombs of ozone on the planet.

fish Rains in Honduras
A phenomenon that puzzled scientists for many years, and witnessed by several countries in different parts of the world. It is the phenomenon of fish rain, which became the annual celebration of “Honduras” between May and July of each year.

As the eyewitness asserts, it always begins with the appearance of a large black cloud, followed by thunder, lightning and strong winds, lasting for about three hours, ending with the land filled with hundreds of fish, which are said to have fallen from the sky like rain.

It is interesting to note that there was a celebration there, in which the people of the Central American country were forced to take fish to their homes for cooking, and to enjoy fish of a different kind.

Goats on trees
Is almost typical of the Arab Maghreb, where large numbers of goats climb trees in search of fruit.
The problem with this different phenomenon is that goats eat fruit, including walnuts, which has many uses in cooking and cosmetics. Worse still, walnut trees began to disappear over time, which prompted many organizations to intervene to save those trees, which happened later.

“Pororoca” .. the longest wave of the seas
The months of February and March of every year, the invasion of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean of the Amazon River Brazil, to us the longest wave in the world, which is called the phenomenon of Pororoca.

It is a phenomenon that forms a strong wave with a height of up to 12 feet, and a rush that lasts for about half an hour without stopping, which makes it a haven for surfing fans from all over the world.

Surprisingly, the sound of this wave is so disturbing that it can be heard before the wave arrives in half an hour. This powerful water attack can destroy anything in front of houses and trees.

Firefly rainbow
This phenomenon appears in the sky of Idaho, which is formed without the need for any rain, only with the presence of the sun in the sky, clouds then form spectacular views in the form of crystals, and with the passage of sunlight within those beautiful crystals, graduated in the colors of beautiful beauty, No one was happy to see it.

Black sun of Denmark
In the spring, in Denmark, the continent of Europe, terrible numbers of birds in the sky, tens of millions of people, form amazing forms, called the phenomenon of the black sun, occur between March and April each year on a regular basis, See it.

Rain of blood in india
The phenomenon occurred in 2011 in the Indian state of Kerala, where the rains were reddened, making everyone walk in the streets looking as if their clothes were stained with blood in a very strange scene, like Hollywood horror movies.

With different interpretations of the controversial incident, it was one of the most unusual natural phenomena in India’s history.

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