8 steps that will increase your self confidence

The self-confidence is that the person has the ability to face the world with all the strength and emotional stability, without hesitation or fear of confrontation either through personal communication or speaking to masses of people or the public .. Here we can say that this person has enough self-confidence and strength On confrontation.

Move or walk faster
Moving faster than normal simply gives the person greater confidence and also gives the impression to others that this person has great confidence in himself.

Preserve the exterior appearance
Taking care of the person with his or her appearance also gives him a greater sense of self-confidence and increases his or her ability to meet the public or group of people, and gives a strong sense of confidence in others that increases self-confidence.

Self support
To increase the confidence of the person himself must be heard praise and praise. If no one supports your personality, you support yourself and praise them so that you are self-confident.

Interest in body language
When communicating directly with people, you must make your body language sound like a very confident person. Make your back straight and your body language steady and do not use the signal in your hand in a striking or surprising way.

Sit in the first row
Sitting in the first row in school lectures or some occasions gives strength to the self and emotional stability and the individual feels the spirit of leadership and boldness, but staying in the late classes for fear of participation or interaction indicates weakness of personality. Not only that, but also supports the principle of personal weakness within the individual and lack of self-confidence.

The individual must feel grateful to himself and stop the skin of the soul on every lapse and fall, and realize that life is only a set of experiences that we use even in failure.

Speak in high tones
Speak in a low voice as if you were afraid people would hear you as proof of lack of self-confidence, but the confident person speaks in audible tone and strong clear words.

Estimate others
Your appreciation for others gives you the love of everyone who works to support your self confidence greatly.

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