A 12-year-old builds a nuclear reactor with pieces he bought from ebay.

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US press reports claimed that an American child became the youngest known person in the world to generate a successful nuclear reaction at the age of 12 years.

Jackson Özault, from Memphis, Tennessee, in January 2018, turned an old play room into a nuclear lab, according to the newspaper “The Guardian “.

“Over the past month, I have made tremendous progress,” said Jackson, the 14-year-old. I think the results I’ve reached now are important. “

Jackson explained that he turned an old games room in his parents ‘ house into a nuclear lab, and supplied him with equipment worth $10,000, running a 50-volt electric power card to heat the diterium gas and integrating the nucleus for energy liberalization.

Jackson added: “I got the Parts I need from ebay, and I had to edit some parts so I could complete my project.”

The next step is to verify innovation through an official organization, to be published in an academic journal.

So far, Jackson Ozault could be considered to have extracted the record from former carrier Taylor Wilson, who worked on nuclear energy research after he succeeded in generating nuclear fusion, when he was 14 years old.

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