A great irony from the first appearance of will Smith in Aladdin Genie Blue

The first appearance of the American actor will smith, in the character of the Genie Blue in the film “Aladdin ” produced by “Disney “, was met with great irony on social media sites.

“Disney “, on Sunday, launched a new advertisement for her film “Aladdin “, in which she revealed how Will Smith would appear in the character of “Genie “, presented by the late American actor Robin Williams, in the animated version of the 1992 production.

Singing on “Twitter “, the image of Will Smith, a character “Genie ” is frightening to her, so that she will haunt her in her nightmares.

While another singer wrote that he would not be able to sleep again, thanks to Will Smith.

And another singer Chirp that all his three wishes in life, it boils down to see Will Smith in the image of
Aladdin’s Genie blue.

On the other hand, some of the singers defended Will Smith and his view in the film “Aladdin “, demanding that the public not be hasty in judging him, until the film was presented to the world cinema on May 24 May next. “Disney ” has started in the last few years, re-producing its most famous animated films, but in the form of live copies, starred actors, the beginning with the film “Cinderella ” in 2015, then movies “Jungle bok ” and “beautiful and Beast “, as they prepare for the current year to put up Vivid version of her famous and successful film “Lion King “.

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