A magic word crashes the iphone if you say it (VIDEO)

A strange problem has recently spread to the phones of the giant company “Apple ” which operates with the
IOS system .

If the word “hyphen” is mentioned five times, when using voice input, this will cause the audio recording application to crash, and the IOS engine crashes, which brings the user back to the phone’s home screen.

This is not a serious problem, and it is not a loophole through which to penetrate the device, where the phone is re-worked as before without losing any information, which makes it possible to experiment by yourself.

iphone phones have previously suffered from strange problems, such as resetting the phone’s date to January 1, 1970, which will permanently restart the phone.

Earlier, users also found a serious loophole, in which people could be spied on, only by communicating collectively via “FaceTime”

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