A malfunction that affects the accounts of some users in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Some user accounts around the world are experiencing an imbalance in key functions in the most important social networking platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for hours. The problem is that platforms access to the full features and inability to update the homepage in Facebook and Instagram is not possible Access Facebook through the main link range Facebook.com, but WhatsApp is the problem with users not being able to send or receive any messages with friends.

It is noteworthy that this malfunction is the second that caused the interruption of the services of Facebook users in a period of not more than two months, where the platform suffered a similar problem that led to a large interruption of services for a large number of users and the Middle East region, where there are multiple users complaints of the problem, Facebook did not announce for a moment the reasons for the interruption and we will bring you all new if the platform is announced.

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