a man has not slept ever in 40 years!

Normally, a man spends about 25 years of his or her life asleep, which, although surprising to some, would be no stranger to the story of Paul Kern, the man who did not seem to have spent all those years in vain. Since the exposure of an accident other than his life throughout that period!

World war
In 1915, during the outbreak of World War I, Paul Kern, a young Hungarian youth and government official, was involved in securing his country’s army when he was shot in the head by a Russian soldier at the time.
The bullet penetrated the skull of Paul, causing severe damage to the frontal cortex of the brain area, but did not like his life as imagined by some, where he was saved and treated at the hospital Limburg.
But that treacherous bullet had another effect, the doctors puzzled a lot in that period of time!

Sleepless years
During the period following his rescue from hospital death, Paul Kearn lived without sleep for a moment, confirmed by Dr. Frey, who oversaw Paul’s health for several years.

“Since Paul opened his eyes at Limburg Hospital, he has not grown up, or even wanted to,” says the doctor.
A mysterious case that made him undergo many tests and medical tests, and under the hands of the biggest brain and nerves experts in the entire European continent, but without reaching the mystery of controversy and surprise!

A perfectly normal life
Interestingly, Paul’s life was not entirely affected by this powerful incident, which was followed by a unique medical phenomenon. He continued to do his normal job as a government official, suffering only from a head ache that was bothering him at intervals.

While it was said that what really disturbed the Hungarian man was his rare attempts to sleep while lying down on his bed without hope, Paul seemed more exhausted than the constant awakening he had experienced throughout his life.

So it became usual for this man to lie down for two hours and only on his back, closed his eyes but without sleep, but only to rest his mind, what doctors pointed out that he was already bearing fruit, where Paul would then get enough sleep It is impeccable.
For Paul Kearn to live normally until his death in 1955, after the accident he suffered for about 40 years, the Hungarian man spent awake without sleep or even feeling sleepy!

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