a pistol transforms into a mobile phone shape

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The American company Ideal Corps invented an innovative weapon, a pistol that can disguise itself as a mobile phone.

A video shows how the pistol can be surprisingly folded into the shape and size of a mobile phone, and the phone bag is much like a cell phone bag.

Craig Kigelbrigg, chairman of AddalConsell, said his company produced the pistol to meet the need for people authorized to carry weapons and fear to cause anxiety in others when they see them carrying them through their day-to-day walks.

He added that the pistol will not attract attention when placed in the pocket of the pants because it will look like a cell phone, and has no known form of the pistol, which appears even when placed inside the pocket or bursa.

The company tested the impressions of the shape of the gun, by putting it on a table in a restaurant, and monitor the reactions when he saw it turned out that the gun did not draw the attention of those in the restaurant, which appeared to them just like a traditional phone.

The new gun angered some activists, who saw it could be used poorly by criminals, or confuse the security men with shooting at an innocent person just because he had a real mobile phone that looked like a pistol.

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