A resounding surprise in the first teaser of the ninth part of the “Star Wars :The Rise of Skywalker”

The first announcement of the ninth part of the famous film series “Star Wars” , which was launched on Friday, included a “youtube “, a resounding surprise for all its lovers around the world.

The film’s announcement, titled “The Rise of Skywalker”, bears reference to the return of the villain “Senator Palpatine ” to life again, which is supposed to be faced with the former two-part champion “Rai ” and the resistance movement against the corrupt empire.

The “Senator Palpatine “, whose invisible name “Darth Sidsus “, was killed by his disciple “Darth Vader ” in part VI of the series titled “The Return of the Jedi” from the 1983 production, after he rebelled against him, in order to save his son “Luke Skywalker ” from his fatal attack on him.

The proclamation of part IX of the series “Star Wars” has also indicated that it will be the last chapter of the famous film saga, which has inspired millions around the world since the 1970s.

The announcement of the new film, up to the moment of writing, reached 13 million hits since it was put on YouTube on Friday.

The film “Star Wars: The Rise of scyper” will be shown in cinemas around the world on December 20, December, starring Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill.

The series “Star Wars” revolves in a distant galaxy, about a struggle between goodness represented by the Knights of the “Jedi ” and the evil of imperial soldiers of the “Sith ” fighters, who belong to the dark side.

The series gained wide fame around the world, thanks to the watch of the light-sword duels, as well as the artistic launch of Hollywood stars, Harrison Ford, Mark Hammel and Carrie Fisher.

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