A serious flaw Discovered in the new update for iPhone (video)

Apple has been introduced a few days ago, the new version of its update “ios 12.1” for iphone and ipad devices, which includes limited features, including more emoticons, and support the use of tow sim cards.

However, security experts discovered a serious flaw in the new update, related to the lock screen of the device by strangers, without the need to access by¬† face recognition, this hack, allows to reach all contacts, according to the American site “the Virg”.

This vulnerability follows a previous breakthrough in the iphone lock screen, in the previous update “ios 12.0.1”, which allowed images to be stolen from the device.

The new security vulnerability also enables access to contacts, through a group chat, using the “FaceTime” feature, after the Fly mode is turned on.

A security expert participated in a video via YouTube, explaining that it took only two hours to penetrate the phone, after downloading the new update “ios 12.0.1”.

These two breaches are a serious flaw, if a phone is present in a public place, or those who are robbed from their homes.

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