A shocking video of a woman playing with a shark

Many channels and news sites, a popular video on social networking sites, told Australian women that they would almost lose their finger, after encountering a shark, while on a cruise.

The woman, Melissa Branning, was trying to feed the shark on a yacht in the remote Kimberley area, about 2,500 km north of Perth in northwest Australia, but was surprised by her finger, causing her imbalance and falling into the water.

The shark almost devoured the woman, if not for those who rushed with her to withdraw from the water, and the only loss is the loss of a small part of her finger.

The two-meter-long shark has sharp teeth, and she sucked her finger, “like a vacuum cleaner,” she told the Australian newspaper The West Australian.

Melissa Branning, through her official account on Facebook, expressed her failure to spread her story with the shark around the world and confirmed that she was fine.

She stressed that this was not an “attack” from the shark, but it did something ridiculous that bore its consequences.

“Our sharks are very precious, and although they always scare me to death, I have a lot of respect for them, water is their field, and we should appreciate it and admire them from afar.” Thank you for all the beautiful messages that ask me if you are okay. My finger was fine. ”

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