A site lets you know which countries you can enter with your passport without visa

Many travel lovers wonder which countries they can visit without a tourist visa, which is linked to their passport and allows them to travel freely without obtaining visas.

Many go to the Embassy of States wishing to visit or to their websites to find out about their need for a visa, an e-visa, or other to allow travel.

Once you have access to it and put your country’s name, you can find out which countries are available to you by visiting them without visa and so on.

In the box at the top of the site “https://www.markuslerner.com/travelscope/public/” you will write your country name and you will see on the map a specific color in countries that you can enter without visa or visa during arrival. You will also see countries with red, which means that they are dangerous or that you are within a country that is prohibited from entering.

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