A way to lose weight without feeling hungry

A team of Cambridge University scientists has reached a way to lose weight without feeling hungry, in a way that relies on the body’s programming on a certain weight.

University of Cambridge Genetics, Giles Po, said the body’s programming on a specific weight contributes to the process of weight loss without feeling hungry, according to the British newspaper “Telegraph “.

“The weight loss process is not easy, and the only way to lose weight depends on burning more energy than we consume,” the world said.

The world pointed out that most people resort to unhealthy diets when they feel hungry, which results in breaking their food programs.

To avoid this, she called on the nutritionist, Rachel Clarkson, not to focus on reducing the amount of food consumed, but to work on eating low calorie diets.

Clarkson was advised to eat low starch vegetables such as broccoli, eggplant, asparagus, fruits and whole grains, in addition to the and quinoa.

And we have the task of eating foods that are rich in dietary fibre and that the daily consumption is less than 30 grams, where this type of food contributes to the normal filling of the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness for long periods.

The doctor was advised to use dishes and small plates while serving meals, which helps to eat a small amount of food.

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