A woman in a coma gives birth to a child!

In a strange incident, a woman in a coma from the Malaysian city of Petaling Jaya gave birth to a healthy child.

According to the Malaysian newspaper “The Star “, in 2018, the 36-year-old Kamari Arwa began to complain of dizziness and blurred vision, and after the Doctors ‘ review, a brain tumor was diagnosed and operated, but the woman who was pregnant by then, if she went into a coma in Cannes Last December.

Despite the presence of women in a coma, the fetus continued to grow. In the thirty-third week of pregnancy, the woman underwent a caesarean section and a healthy child was born.

“I dream of seeing my wife again, I am grateful that my daughter was born in good health, like other ordinary children,” said the woman’s husband.

Earlier, an American woman gave birth to a child, although she had been hospitalized in a coma for 10 years, as a result of a drowning incident, prompting the US police in the United States to initiate an investigation into reports of sexual assault.

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