After accusing her of abusing the Japanese | Kim Kardashian announces Insists on “Kimono underwear”

The star of reality TV, Kim Kardashian, published an official statement in which she responded to the outrage, which swept through the Japanese media, after announcing the production of underwear under the name of “kimono.”

The New York Times published a statement by Kim Kardashian, accusing her of abusing Japan’s culture and exploiting the name of the country’s traditional costume, the “Kimono ” in the name of her underwear line.

“I understand, appreciate and deeply respect the importance of kimonos in Japanese culture, but I will not undo the decision to produce this fashion line,” Kim Kardashian said.
“The design that will be launched does not in any way resemble traditional Japanese clothing, especially kimono, so I will not change the name and I will not respond to this angry attack against me.”

“My brand was built on the idea of inclusiveness and diversity, and I am proud of everything we offer, and we will not try to reduce any culture or people.”

Kim Kardashian is scheduled to launch the underwear line “Kimono ” during the coming July/July.

The supermodel, the American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, angered many Japanese, after announcing the development of a new production line for underwear under the name “Kimono “.

The Japanese took refuge in social networking sites on Thursday to protest against a new line of underwear developed by the American reality television star Kim Kardashian under the name of kimono, some describing it as stealing their culture in a way that insults the traditional costume that the Japanese have appreciated.

Kim Kardashian announced on Tuesday that she will reveal a production line for the body’s corset developed a year ago as a “truly effective solution for women.”

The word means in Japanese “Things that are worn”, and refers to body-length gowns with belts worn by people on official occasions such as weddings and funerals.

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