After receiving FDA accreditation, HoloLens technology is approaching the changing medical milieu of the world.

The field of medical care is one of the most promising areas where Microsoft HoloLens’s technology has found ample space to discover and develop in an unprecedented revolutionary way.

HoloLens is a product of Microsoft’s augmented virtual reality.

It relies on three-dimensional peripheral vision glasses that the wearer can delve into in an imaginative world that surrounds him and can control his imaginary objects in an exciting and realistic experience.

An electronic system named “Opensight Augmented Reality System”, based on HoloLens technology, has been officially approved and certified by the United States Drug and Food Control Authority (FDA) for use in planning and pre-surgical preparation for patients in the current month.

This is the first adoption of a technology based on augmented virtual reality for purposes of effective patient health care.

The electronic system will be used in accordance with this provision in the treatment of the patients and examinations performed to the patient prior to the surgery and then physically understand the patient statue more using the system and the peripheral glasses so that surgeons can see a hypothetical image installed on the body of the patient when they are expected to meet during The surgery and planning of the surgery are as close to reality as possible. (as shown in the attached photo)

This is not the first use of HoloLens-based technologies in the fields of medicine, and over the past few years many electronic systems have been adopted this technique in the fields of student medical education and interference training.

Therapeutic laboratories in training. However, this provision allows for the first effective use of augmented virtual reality in physical therapy and health care for actual patients.

The use of such techniques in health care is not expected to stop at this point, as the area of health care actually represents a great opportunity for such techniques, as this area is absorbed by many expansions that can contribute to the resolution of current training problems, as well as to the careful remote control of Modern surgical mechanisms.

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