All Porsche cars will be fully electric except 911

German magazine Manager blew up a surprise in a news story that Oliver Bloom, the chief executive of Porsche, had devised a plan to convert all of the company’s cars into full electric cars except the 911 icon.

According to the magazine, Mr Bloom’s plan is to have 17.7% of the company’s total sales in 2022 for hybrids and electric vehicles and this figure will rise to 78.74% in 2025 and reach 100% in 2027 for all cars except 911 which will be a maximum hybrid car Fully electric.

Porsche is finalizing the launch of its first electric car, the Titan, which has a huge 800-volt battery, which can charge 80 percent of the battery at a record time of less than 15 minutes at the fast electric charging stations.

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