Amazing facts about blood donation

Some people are afraid of the experience of donating their blood, without knowing that it is one of the best things that can be done to maintain general health and heart health in particular. It is also a mutual benefit, which benefits the needy and contributes to the health of the donor himself.

In the following report, 8 facts about donating blood will make you want to go to donate blood immediately:

Blood donation regularly renews red blood cells in the heart, helping to reduce the risk of heart attacks by 88 percent.

Surprisingly, only 2 percent of total blood donations in blood banks go to accident and surgical patients, but you may be pleased to learn that the rest of the total goes to treat cancer patients in difficult stages of fighting this deadly disease.

It is important that donors who keep donating regularly are encouraged to go to donate on summer and holiday holidays. During that period, everyone is busy going to the places where they can eat and spend the holiday. For those who need blood do not take a holiday from their sickness.


Doctors are advised to wait 56 days before the last blood donation to donate again, which is the period the body needs to regenerate red blood cells completely.

In the first 10 minutes you lie down to donate blood, your body burns about 650 calories, equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise at the gym.

If you have taken aspirin, do not go to donate blood after 3 days, because active substances in aspirin will block the ability of platelets to function properly.

Red blood donation reduces the damage caused by high iron levels. Iron height increases the risk of free radicals that lead to cancer growth.

An Australian old man, James Harrison, has saved two million newborns with a rare blood type. His blood plasma contains antibodies to the disease known as rheumatic anemia, a serious disease that causes brain damage in children and then death. Harrison donated blood more than 1,000 times In his lifetime, he saved about 2.4 million children.

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