Amazon donates $ 1,000,000 to support Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia we visit most of the time when we want to confirm certain information, to know the meaning of a new term, etc. Anyone can take advantage of its services even large companies benefit from it, while the encyclopedia lives on donations and funding by individuals or Companies, Amazon did not play a role in this process even though it benefits from its information in its assistant Alexa.

Today, the e-commerce giant donation saw as a source of the list of companies that contribute to Wikipedia’s financial support and value for its free services. Facebook, Microsoft and Google all contribute for $ 50,000 and amazon alone made a donation of $ 1 million to Wikimedia Foundation in support of the free encyclopedia.

The company said in a letter that Wikipedia is very important to the success of Alexa and is the cornerstone of information for many of the audio assistance, and added to that Alexa answer hundreds of questions depending on Wikipedia.

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