Amazon launches AWS Forecast tool to facilitate machine learning prediction

Amazon, through its cloud and computerized service arm, has launched new Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Amazon Forecast tool that will make the process of anticipation and prediction based on chronological data records easier for developers, where automated learning has formed a brick The main building of those predictions, which is certainly considered to have access to specific and accurate skills, to graduate Amazon today on us with the Amazon Forecast tool from the door of products that can be relied upon in a process of predicting in an easy and practical way.

The idea of the tool is based on the same technology used by Amazon to predict the quantity of demand for its products on its own retail site by studying the previous records of supply and demand data by customers, and the interested customer will take advantage of the prediction service provided by the Amazon tool To inform the company of all required data and information that may have an impact on the course of future forecasts.

Director CEO of AWS Andy Jassey said that in just three clicks the client can give us the information and get the prediction, adding that the tool gives predictions with a higher accuracy of 50% of the traditional tools used by the customers themselves and the cost of the traditional support software.

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