Amazon plans to deploy Internet through satellites

Amazon joins the rest of the major U.S. technical companies working on space Internet projects, where they plan to send thousands of satellites to a near-Earth orbit to infuse the internet throughout the planet.

The new project is called Kuiper, which is made up of 3236 satellites that will deploy an Internet connection in areas inhabited by 95% of the planet’s population. There is currently no information on the date of the official launch of the project, its entry into force, and the most important cost of such communication.

Amazon will develop 784 satellites at an altitude of 590 km, 1296 satellites at an altitude of 610 km, and 1156 satellites at a height of 630 km.

SpaceX Company had a project of 12,000 satellites, and OneWeb company launched a fifth generation satellite Internet broadcasting technology in February.

Amazon sees its long-term project that serves tens of millions of users and seeks to collaborate with any company that can help implement its vision to deliver the internet to everyone.

Last November, Amazon talked about its plan to create 12 earth stations to transmit data with satellites. The Blue Origin company, owned by Jeff Bizos, founder and manager of Amazon, helped Telesat company launch its own satellite internet service via its New Glenn missile.

Other companies, such as Facebook, Boeing and Leosat, have similar satellite internet plans over a near-Earth orbit.

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