Amazon staff manipulate product rating & reviews for money

When purchasing a new product from a site such as Amazon, the user views the product primarily as evaluation plays an important role in determining the credibility and quality of the product owner. But, hey! It seems that this was not true with the number of products known on the Store.

Amazon has opened an investigation with a number of its employees for manipulating valuations and reviews of some products for money, by eliminating negative reviews of products, making the overall assessment high because of good product reviews, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The report says that product owners are trying to reach Amazon employees through communication applications, to make them delete bad ratings by accessing internal data, for about $ 300 for one bad comment!

It can be said that it did not stop, the report on the request of some e-mail of buyers with negative ratings, as has been the case with some to ask for information about their competitors in this area.

By exposing this problem, Amazon has restricted its system to prevent employees from accessing non-career data. The company has applied this in China – the location of the manipulation cases – and will begin to investigate the same with the company’s US division.

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