Amazon will begin selling Apple devices officially through its global stores

Amazon has been able to get a great advantage from Apple that allows it to sell iphone phones and ipad tablets, as well as smart watches and Beats products through its stores, where any user will be able to get the devices directly through the Amazon stores located in many countries.

Under this agreement, Apple and its authorized agents will be able to view the company’s core products, including the other brand of the company Beats and officially through Amazon stores, which will include countries outside the United States, such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India.

Amazon was selling unofficial Apple products to its store in the past, such as accessories and prices based on the sellers on the store, but with the current step it will become an official supplier of the most important products at a flat rate with the company, and you will delete all previous products from the stores which Sellers must obtain official permission from Apple to sell them.

Commenting on this, the Amazon speaker told The Verge, that the company is always working to improve the customer experience, and this is done by offering more purchasing options to the consumer to get the products you think he wants.

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