American Health Authority adopts a drug that addresses the loss of sexual desire in women

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a drug that helps women who have not been interrupted by menstruation to regain sexual desire in the latest attempt to find a medication described by some as a “women’s sildenafil.”

The real estate, which bears the name “Valissi”, will enter the competition in a market seen by unsuccessful attempts. The property is produced by the company “Palten technologies ” and “Amaj farmastikkal “.

Analysts say that any drug that is safely and effectively losing a woman’s libido may eventually achieve an annual turnover of about $1 billion.

The shares jumped 44 percent to 1.93 dollars, and the shares of AMAJ increased 11.5 percent.

The real estate stimulates the brain’s pathways to sexual desire and helps the woman who is infected with the loss of sexual desire and has not yet reached menopause.

According to experts, “Failissi” has several advantages, including the lack of side effects, the speed of its effectiveness and the need not to consume it on a daily basis.

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