An interactive map of the Earth showing its changes over millions of years

The movement of continental platelets (continental drift) has caused significant changes in the shape of the planet since the beginning of its history, which scientists estimate about 4 billion years ago.

This constant and constant movement has caused the blue planet to change places, move or slide from one place to another, and cause a major shift on the planet’s continents, making places constantly changing.

In order to track the earth’s movement and geographical changes, California paleontologist Ian Webster designed a special site that could monitor these major changes to the planet, which occurred about 500 million years ago, by reference to geological models created by Christopher Stowes, according to yahoo.

The interactive map, posted on a website, shows where you wandered, or your hometown, exactly hundreds of millions of years before the continental drift.

The site allows users to “travel through time”, with some attached features and additions, such as the time of the first vertebrates or the first green algae.

Users can try the map by clicking on the link on the official website: “dinosaurpictures”.

Users can rotate the globe to see the shape of all continents, and get brief clues about the organisms that were alive on Earth at the time (if any).

Cryogenian Period. Glaciers may have covered the entire planet during the greatest ice age known on Earth. New types of life such as red and green algae appear during this period 750 million years ago

According to scientists, the movement of tectonic plates is part of the natural cycle of the planet’s rocky atmosphere, where tectonic plates come together on a supercontinent and then disintegrate again.


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