An Italian city is fine tourists for sitting on the streets

Tourists in Venice, Italy, face a heavy fine of up to $ 500 if they sit in unoccupied areas, but Residents who are distressed by the Growing tourists are welcoming.

The city’s floating mayor, Lighe Brugnaro, has proposed imposing a fine and is expected to be voted on by the city council in October.

The new fine comes as part of a campaign launched last summer to encourage tourists to enjoy their vacation in the charming city without disturbing the local population.

He explained that the aim of this fine is to make every thing clear, so that people understand that they can not come to Venice to do what they wanted without respect for the city’s luster and security.

Last April, the Venetian authorities set up temporary gates at the ends of some bridges to control the numbers of tourists when they come in large numbers.

Residents of tourist cities in Europe complain about the negative consequences of tourism, and say that frequent visitors are noisy and bring hybrid habits, and raise prices for hotels and other consumables.

The Spanish city of Barcelona has developed a plan last year, to stop the construction of hotel units and reduce the influx of tourists by 2020.

In parallel, a recent French investigation revealed that Portugal is also suffering a large number of European tourists seeking warm weather and suitable prices do not come in other countries such as France and Germany because of the high prices.

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