An unexpected benefit for tomato juice that many don’t know

A new study conducted by Tokyo University of Medicine and Dentistry revealed that drinking tomato juice can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

In the study, the researchers presented to the 481 Japanese participants, the unsalted tomato juice, for a whole year.

Participants recorded the amount of their consumption of juice per day, in addition to the health changes they observed.

The results published in the journal Food Science and Nutrition showed that blood pressure dropped by an average of 3% in 94 participants with untreated hypertension.

Among those with high cholesterol, 125 experienced an average decrease of 3.3% in fatty substance, which can clog blood vessels and cause heart attacks and strokes.

The beneficial effects were seen in the same way among men and women of different age groups.

But Victoria Taylor, a nutritionist at the British Heart Foundation (BHF), said that there is an urgent need for further research on the health benefits of tomato juice, explaining that the study failed to analyze other materials that participants take, while not taking lifestyle factors that affect the pressure Blood and Blood cholesterol levels, in mind.

Ms. Taylor said that increasing daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, helps maintain the health of the heart and circulation.

However, she cautioned against drinking more than 150 ml of fruit juice or vegetables per day, due to high sugar levels.

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